Buy now, deliver later!


Now you have the option to deliver your Giftly at a later date.

When you buy a Giftly through the app or the web site, you can set a delivery date in the future and we’ll deliver the Giftly that morning.

Deliver Later to:

• Ensure you don’t forget to send a gift on the right day.

•  Get your holiday gifting done early.

•  Make sure their Giftly is received at the perfect moment.

Happy gifting!

Introducing the Printable Giftly

We just added the option to print out a Giftly from the Giftly website, so that you can deliver a Giftly to a recipient personally.

Print out a Giftly to:

•   Hand to the host of a holiday party

•   Stuff in a stocking or tuck into a card

•   See the look of joy on the recipient’s face

To compliment the Giftly, we also designed a matching envelope that you can use.


After you choose the printable option on the Delivery Options page and checkout, you’ll receive a email with the Giftly and envelope attached. A few minutes with a scissors later and you’ll be all set to deliver that Giftly in real life!

Giftlys IRL: what will we think of next!

Redesigned Giftly website

The Giftly Team is pleased to announce the launch of our redesigned website, which uses the new look and feel that we developed for mobile.

Giftly is a product that must bridge the desktop and mobile platforms for the simple reason that many, many gifts are purchased and received online but the vast majority are used on the mobile device.

We’ll be fleshing out the site over the next few months as we continue to build useful tools to help make giving great gifts even easier, but this is a first step.

Why people don’t give plastic gift cards

According to this article, “Two-thirds of affluent American women want gift cards. But less than a fifth of men will give it to them.”

That doesn’t surprise us at Giftly because plastic gift cards aren’t personal and don’t feel good to give, so why would you give that to a woman you care about…even if that’s what she wants.

When we started Giftly, we started it with a simple premise: make a gift card that people could love. We wanted to make a gift card that felt personal and contained the type of character you want in a gift. So we re-invented the gift card, from beginning to end.

People like receiving gift cards because then they can pick out something they want and they can avoid getting something they don’t want. We’ve made a gift card that does all that and also feels nice to give because it can be fully customized and made specifically for the person you’re giving the gift to. 

You can make a Giftly for the person’s favorite restaurant, or a boutique you know they love, or for something that you know they love to do. You can give them the gift of travel, or a babysitter, or a bottle of wine. Great gifts that they will love and that you can feel good about giving.

Now you can Re-Send a Giftly

When any of us give a gift, we all want to know that that gift is received and enjoyed. This is especially true for electronic gifts and especially true for gift cards.

Earlier this week, Giftly released an update for our iPhone app. In this release is a feature that allows you to re-send a Giftly if it hasn’t been opened after a few days.

One of the benefits of sending a Giftly is that you can see whether your gift has been opened and used, giving the gift giver the ability to keep track of their gifts after they’re sent.

With this new app release, if you see the recipient still hasn’t opened your gift, you can send it again via the same or a new delivery mechanism. So, if you gave a friend a Giftly via a Facebook Wall Post, but they haven’t opened it, maybe because they don’t check Facebook all that often, you can send them the Giftly to them again via email.

We’ve been using this feature internally and we love it. We want all gifts given on Giftly to be used an enjoyed and we think this feature will help ensure that happens.